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Group photo at the PIE international student event in London_March 2024

The PIE Live: International student roundtable 2024

Representing the University of Brighton, our International Student Ambassador Fernando Davila Vargas attended one of the biggest international student events for 2024.

PIE Live Europe 2024 hosts a range of workshops, live speakers and networking events for the higher education sector.

This year our International Student Ambassador was invited to attend the international student roundtable.

PIE Live event with guest panel talking to guests

The event gathers insights from students, where they can share their experiences and discuss ways on how to make improvements across the sector.

We caught-up with Fernando about his experience.

How was the event?

The roundtable went very well, delegates had the chance to approach me and other international students from all around the country and ask us about our experience as international students. We covered [topics such as] the application process, student finances and culture shocks.

What was the structure of the day like?

The day had many conferences going on. I attended the following conferences:

  • China: Complacency versus complexity
  • Bridging the gap between academia and industry
  • Is the UK still a leading student destination?
  • Effective conversion solutions for recruitment growth in post-pandemic Chinese market

Can you share your insight from the day?

I learned about how Chinese students think and their priorities when deciding their higher education provider.

I also learned that even though the UK is experiencing a temporary lull in international student applications, there are some opportunities to be taken in the global market.

Did you learn anything that surprised you?

Chinese students think very differently to Latin students. For instance, they prioritise job security in China over all other aspects (affordability, student life etc), and that most students are interested in finding jobs in the public sector in China.

How did it feel to be invited to the student roundtable?

It felt great to be considered. I feel very lucky to have had the chance to go and network with important decision makers in UK Higher Education.

I would love to go back and learn more about how different markets behave.

Find out more about The Pie Live Europe. Thank you to Fernando for sharing your insight with us!

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Clare Cornwell • April 2, 2024

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