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Undine Evalde

My path to the University of Brighton was an eventful one

I have spent most of my life in a rather small northern Europe country – Latvia, speaking, writing, and studying in the native language. Before coming to study in the UK I had never used English outside of an academic or traveling setting. I still find it amazing how one can learn another language just by sitting in a classroom.

My school in Latvia was not the easiest and my teachers were particularly demanding. Even though I’ve always enjoyed studying, my last two years of high school were accompanied by constant burn-outs. Despite the hardships, I knew had to go study abroad.  I knew I had to challenge myself to feel the excitements life can bring, even though balancing between work overload and exploring one’s capabilities is a tricky line to walk.

In the end, I applied to the University of Brighton. At that point, I had spent weeks looking at universities all around the world, but it still wasn’t clear where I’m going to end up. Even now I remember all the confusing sites and layouts and wanting to find out everything on my own. Looking back at it I can say with certainty that I would have spared myself a headache if only I had asked for help or spent more time contacting the universities directly.

That being said, the University of Brighton was one of the very few that had a well-organized and easily accessible webpage. I had a pleasant first impression and it only improved, as the university was communicating with me every step of the way. For a student that had not received the proper education about applying to universities abroad, the University of Brighton was a great support in the application process.

I knew close to nothing about architecture but took a leap of faith as it aligned with my technical and creative interests and capabilities. Right now, I am in my second year of the Architecture BA(Hons), and it proved to be much more than I expected. Some say that it is a hard subject, but I would disagree. I believe that a good architect has to be forever curious, and there is no field that this principle does not cover. It might be demanding and time-consuming, but I never find it hard to stay curious.

My favourite part of Brighton is the nightlife and the student connections. I never feel bored in the city. Quite the opposite, I might not have enough time or means to explore and try everything the city has to offer.

If you, dear reader, ever find it scary to leave home and study abroad, know that Brighton is going to be the place that greets you with open arms. And if you are already settling in and don’t know where to start, go out! Meet new people! You can always find a society that corresponds with your passions or do the exact opposite and chose one that you have never tried. If you have come such a long way, don’t be afraid to continue broadening your experiences, and If you haven’t, know that there will be many here.


Undine Evalde • April 7, 2022

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