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Graduates 2021: Sherry Shi: MA Sequential Design/Illustration

Chinese student Sherry Shi is a 2021 graduate from our MA Sequential Design/Illustration course.

Please tell us a bit about your work and your influences

This project captures moments of everyday life to chronicle the many societal changes taking place in the last three decades in China. The intention of this project is to use the context of Chinese lives in the past thirty years to explore the pressures facing current younger generations in China.

How have you found your course and time at Brighton?

It is great to make works through each small project, such as visual narrative project and research zine project, we can discover skills and techniques according to our own interest. Also, we got enough time to have independent study in this course. Unfortunately, we have been in lockdown almost the whole academic year, however, the uni has everything we need, we just need to make a plan and go for it.

How did you choose your course – why did you choose to study Sequential Design/Illustration?

From my understanding, the meaning of illustration is still to be defined. In a way, the form of illustration can be various. I chose Illustration because I always want to explore new things, such as lithography, letterpress, screen printing, dyeing etc. you can always tell your story through these techniques. And one good thing is that it doesn’t require an academic background in comparison with other art and design courses. To some degree, it makes the study environment interesting due to people’s different interests.

What are your plans after graduation?

I don’t have a plan yet, I would just try to draw more and find my own drawing and storytelling style, as this was my first experience of studying illustration,  there is still a lot of stuff to explore.

Follow Sherry on Instagram: @sherryillustration

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Catherine Johnson • August 10, 2021

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