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Workshops and Tutorials for Improving Academic Skills

Since September 2020, CAELD has been working with tutors and students to provide the appropriate support that will elevate their academic writing skills. This in turn serves to boost the number of students that pass assignments the first time.

The CAELD team and staff from across the university have been working together to create tailored workshops. These workshops target the skills students need to help them build confidence and develop the skills they need to understand and meet their assignment briefs.

In addition, tutors point students who need additional help to CAELD, who then work with them on a one-to-one basis to address their specific needs. These sessions outline recurring errors, essay structure, flow and meaning. Students can then act on this feedback, become more independent, reduce anxiety levels, and can take on the challenges and considerations of their next academic years. Going forward, CAELD will be looking at ways in which writing skills can be embedded into all University of Brighton student modules this would further assist students in developing confidence in their ability to write and produce academic work through providing the building blocks they need at key moments in their studies.

All students have access to ongoing in-sessional support throughout their time at the University of Brighton. Staff can contact their dedicated CAELD tutor to arrange group workshops or refer a student for one-to-one support. Students can also be encouraged to use the online Writing Advisory Service (WAS).

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Catherine Johnson • August 9, 2021

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