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Nicola Peverati

From Brighton Business School to space exploration communications

We caught up with Italian alumnus Nicola Peverati who graduated with an MSc in Marketing (Branding and Communication) in 2015. Here is his story in his own words….

Back in 2014, it was a bittersweet sensation to leave Brighton, the University of Brighton and all my friends even before handing in my dissertation to start my career in the field of Marketing & Communication in London. Working in the British market of Gruner + Jahr, one of the biggest magazine publishers in Europe, while finishing my studies had been tough but it was a great time to test what I had learnt on my course.

After my formal graduation in the Branding and Communication in 2015 I moved back to my country of birth, Italy, to work for a business consultancy in Milan for clients like BarillaSanofi and Lamborghini. A couple of years ago, I joined the space sector. I run the communications of Thales Alenia Space in Turin, where most of the exploration and science missions in Europe are designed and developed.

It’s thrilling to collaborate daily with the European Space Agency, NASA, partners and colleagues from all over the world and share all the beauty and wonders of our universe and their breath-taking discoveries. Behind space missions there are groups of people who dedicate their entire lives to the progression of humanity, developing technologies that bring crucial solutions for a better, sustainable life on Earth. To communicate it properly is both a burden and an honour.

As an international student, my entire experience at the University of Brighton was key for me, allowing me to grow professionally and personally, having the chance to share thoughts and views with people coming from all over the world, with different cultures and lifestyles. Studying in Mithras House was a big learning curve. I learnt about international cooperation, active listening and that I should always challenge myself and push out of my comfort zone.

Furthermore, the course itself was great in teaching me about the significance of branding for global companies and how to work efficiently in advising businesses about the importance of communication.

My advice to current students is to enjoy university life, from the classes to the cups of tea and beers. I know that these strange times are limiting these dynamics, but strong friendships can overcome the obstacles and flourish again as soon as possible. Invest time in creating connections with fellow study companions and you can learn from their ideas and creativity. When you graduate, remember that you are strong and capable and dare to reach your objectives, even if everything seems hard at the very beginning.

I remember that in my first days on I was thinking how everybody near me was smart and very prepared. I made friends and I learned from them and from the professors. Now I have great memories of my time in Brighton and friendships that last though time and distance.


Olivia Weatherill • March 26, 2021

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