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Deepak receiving award

Deepak Baruah: Winning a Peace Award and founding a school

Even many years after your graduation, successes and a winning attitude will follow you in the rest of your career. Indian Student Depak Baruah has continued to accomplish huge achievements, from being recognised for international awards to making an impact at the UN.  Deepak studied on our Public Administration MPA in 2015 and in 2016 he won an international prize for volunteering in India – you can read more about this in our previous blog.

Deepak has since been in touch to update us on what he’s been up to since we last told his story…

Deepak receiving award

Deepak receiving the Global Peace Leadership Award

In 2019, Deepak received the Global Peace Leadership Award from the World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA) for founding a WCPA chapter in Guwahati and for spearheading projects for WCPA Global Schools, Model World Parliaments, and World Parliament University in northeast India. Deepak travelled to Virginia in the USA to receive his award.

In 2020, Deepak founded the Model UN School in his hometown of Assam in India. The aims of the school are ‘to create a platform for global citizenship, shared leadership and empowered change stemming from cities around the world. [Here] young global citizens can come together through education to one day, be able to influence or make change in the world around them.’

Model UN School

A class in the Model UN School

Deepak described the activities of the school in his own words below:

The Model United Nations School organized an outreach program for the school children in Assam, on 19 February 2021 on NASA’s Perseverance Rover landing on Mars, in collaboration with the NASA affiliate (NASA Solar System Ambassador) Rashna Nath from the USA.

During the COVID – 19 pandemic, the Model United Nations School has convened panels of more than 100 scientists, research scholars and experts from around the world, from various fields/subjects to educate the underprivileged and poor children from around the world, using the latest technology, through google meet, zoom and skype.

The Program manage to get a huge local and national media attention and the Program was very successful.

Next, Deepak aims to run as a prospective candidate for Secretary-General of the United Nations.

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Olivia Weatherill • March 12, 2021

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