Unfolding Identities




This project constitutes a series of 6 films and accompanying resources to facilitate engagement by school pupils in themes of diversity, belonging and identity. The films feature 7 children from local primary schools in Brighton and Hove talking about aspects of their identity including:

• Sense of belonging
• Relationship to Britishness
• Passions and interests
• Ambitions and hopes

The resources are designed to support student teachers, teacher educators and classroom teachers in creating inclusive communities which respond to the needs of all learners.

The resource will support teachers in addressing the following requirements and guidance:

Teaching Standards (DfE, 2013)
Equality Act (2010)
The Brighton and Hove Equality and Diversity PSHE education curriculum framework for primary schools
• Ofsted School Inspection Handbook, Section 152 (2014)
National Curriculum Framework (DfE, 2014)
• ITT criteria (DfE, 2016)


This project developed from the Unfolding Identities resource completed in 2009 which was initiated by Yaa Asare and the inspirational late Irene Mensah. The current project focuses on primary school children and is designed to explore the unfolding identities of all children. It considers how identity plays an important role in children coming to understand themselves and others in their communities. The accompanying resource offers a framework for teachers in guiding this exploration.

Previous work can be seen here.

Project Partners

After the success of Unfolding Identities (2009), and to initiate the development of this new resource, Yaa and Ceza Da Luz gained a commitment to the project from the Centre for Learning and Teaching and the School of Education at Brighton University and Brighton and Hove Health and Wellbeing team.

The project was further developed in collaboration with Rosie Moore (Senior lecturer – ITE lead in Inclusion from School of Education) and Dr. Sindi Gordon (film consultant).
The films were made with 7 local primary school children by Yaa, Ceza and Sophie Turton (digital consultant) and edited by Sussex Downs media students. They were subtitled by media students from Brighton University.

Kate Abel, a local teacher from St. Luke’s Primary School developed a teaching resource to accompany the films. Yaa and Rosie are currently developing further teaching resources.

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