The University of Brighton has a long history of research into contemporary politics. This work is more important today than ever before. Humanity has created a global community linked in ways unimaginable only three decades ago – yet this global community is divided by:

  • the destruction of our environment threatening the future of the planet we inhabit;
  • inequalities which concentrate wealth in the hands of a small minority while making the lives of many unliveable;
  • the emergence of xenophobic, racist and sexist populisms which endanger what remains of our democratic histories;
  • ongoing wars displacing and killing millions of people – often undertaken in the name of humanitarian intervention;
  • a politics of debt which leaves many unable to plan their own lives.

The University is committed to engaged research challenging all forms of inequality – no matter what form they take. Researchers from politics, sociology, the arts, philosophy and geography together develop radical approaches to these challenges. These web pages document our research, link you to our research initiatives, and offer a provocative regular blog showcasing the arguments and interventions of researchers from across the University.

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