IT Strike info for students

Update January 2021

UCU members will strike for the 5 days in the first week of Semester 2: Monday 8th – Friday 12th February 2021.

We do not take the decision to strike again lightly. Strike action will cause disruption to the operations of the University, not least to our students whose education has been affected already by the pandemic. But we cannot let University management handpick our colleagues for dismissal from their jobs by falsely declaring them redundant and refusing to redeploy them into vacant posts.

Wall of Support

Thank you to every one of you who has publicly stated your support for our action. The University management are extremely threatened by public attention on this issue. Make noise on social media @BrightonUCU and #SaveBrightonITStaff like these wonderful people have done: Wall of Support

To our dear students

As University staff, our primary concern is the quality of your education. As members of a trade union, we have a responsibility to protect jobs and maintain standards and working conditions. Both of these things are under threat right now, due to an incredible decision by the University management.

The University of Brighton’s management are planning to sack IT staff. You read that correctly.  In late 2020, with the world as it is, with teaching increasingly being done online, the University management have decided to reduce the level of IT support. We genuinely cannot understand why they would make this decision, yet they are determined to do this.

As staff, we have done everything we can to convince management not to go ahead with this. They refuse to listen. The only way that we can to save these jobs and the current level of IT support is to take industrial action. The University and College Union has therefore called strikes in December, starting with 1 day in the first week, then 2 days in both the second and third weeks of the month.

  • Wednesday 2nd December
  • Monday 7th December
  • Thursday 10th December
  • Tuesday 15th December
  • Wednesday 16th December

On strike days, no live (‘synchronous’) activities will take place. Staff will not connect to email, Teams or other services.

The university management could easily stop these strikes from happening. Our demand is simple and easy to meet. We demand that university management do not sack IT staff. That’s all we’re asking for. Yet the management refuses.

The thing that will really convince them is to hear from you. For £9250/year, we think you deserve an education that is supported by a proper IT system with dedicated staff who have the specific expertise that relates to your subject area. We also think that your fees should be spent on maintaining levels of staff (and not on expensive building projects in Moulsecoomb, for instance). Complain to the Vice Chancellor and Pro-Vice Chancellor: demand that they call off these redundancies. Don’t sack our staff!

Debra Humphris, Vice Chancellor

Ruth Whittaker, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education and Students)

We’re sure that the University would be very embarassed if it was widely known that they were making such a ridiculous decision. Put pressure on them to change their minds, use your social media to call on the University to call off these redundancies. Post messages of support using #SaveBrightonITStaff, tweet the Vice Chancellor, the Student’s Union, and the University itself as well as @BrightonUCU

If the university agreed to remove the threat of compulsory redundancies from IT staff, we would not need to go on strike. They could make this decision today, and the strikes would be called off.

Make your voice heard. Together, staff and students can protect these jobs and this IT service which is more important now than ever.


Student Resouces and ways to get involved:

Brighton Student Solidarity Group –
“UoB Students organising for the interests of students and in solidarity with staff.
They are making a list of demands by students at University of Brighton, as shown in this image.

Screencaptre of the demands that students have to the VC of the University of Brighton. Follow the link to discover what the demands are

To add your name to these demands, you can sign the open letter here:

University of Brighton student support for i.t staff –
“Our IT staff are being threatened with redundancy at a time in which technical support is more vital than ever. For this reason, staff at The University of Brighton will be taking part in a strike during December. UoB students are here to support!!!!”

We all deserve better, we stand with IT staff sign

Teams Student/Staff Assembly –
A group set up in response to student requests to co-organise with staff. Use the link above to join.

Whatsapp Group
Run by students, no staff in the group. To join the whatsapp group, visit the Teams Student/Staff Assembly page and post a message in the chat asking to be added.
In solidarity

University of Brighton staff members of UCU

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