Four Fights info for students

Four Fights: What is happening

University staff across the UK are going on strike on Wednesday 1 – Friday 3 December.

The background to this industrial action is summed up by these points: In higher education in the UK…

  • the pay gap between Black and white staff is 17%
  • women are paid on average 15.1% less than men
  • the disability pay gap is 9%
  • salaries have fallen against inflation by over 20% since 2009
  • academic staff work over 50 hours during a typical week
  • four fifths of staff report struggling with workload and poor mental health
  • a third of all academic staff are on fixed-term contracts

This is unacceptable. That is why the National Union of Students supports this strike action, with 73% of students surveyed saying they supported university staff taking part in this campaign and strike action. 69% of students have said they would be willing to take part in some sort of action (a walk-out, a demonstration or a teach-in) to campaign for funded, accessible, lifelong and democratised education. As NUS President Larissa Kennedy put it:

The industrial action is intended to force the employers who run higher education to improve the situation in four specific areas:

  • Inequalities
  • Casualization
  • Workload
  • Salaries


When are the strikes?

Wednesday 1 – Friday 3 December 2021

What actually happens on a strike day?

On strike days, no teaching will take place. Staff will not connect to email, Teams or other services. From Monday 6 December onwards, staff will be taking ‘Action Short of a Strike’ and working-to-contract. This means that staff will not ‘catch up’ on anything that was not done on strike days.

How can I show my support?

To show your support for this strike against ‘a broken education system that harms us all’, sign the National Union of Students’ petition. Join us and enjoy the party atmosphere on the picket line outside your campus every morning of the strike. Make some noise on social media #OneOfUsAllOfUs #FourFights #FourFightsBrighton @ucu @BrightonUCU.

Send a message of support here:

Four Fights student support

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