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On 4 May 2023 the University of Brighton informed staff members that they intended to sack up to 130 members of staff, saving £7.3 million in staff costs, with approximately 400 academics in the pool at risk of redundancy. However the University has spent over £50 million on building projects in the last two years. The huge spend on new buildings is part of a plan apparently intended to allow the University to grow student numbers. What use are these expensive buildings, if staff teams are to be decimated with no-one left to teach core modules? The student-staff ratio is already the 97th worst in the UK at Brighton. If the Senior Management Team (SMT) at Brighton intends to increase student numbers with over 100 fewer lecturers this will clearly create worse conditions for all. If anything, staff numbers need to be increased. Yet, despite having received more than 80 ‘volunteers’ for redundancy, the University is still insisting that 25 more must be forced out of their jobs. We cannot allow this to happen!

Brighton UCU members are taking indefinite strike action and will not return to work until every single compulsory redundancy has been rescinded. We have shut the University down and there will be no beginning to the academic year until our talented members are safe. Please see below for links and resources and help us Save Brighton Uni by donating to our hardship fund. You can also email our senior managers and let them know what you think of their plans. Strike Map have created a tool so that you can ✍️write to the Vice Chancellor to ask her to stop the sackings and save Brighton University here.

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