Student statement
With this statement we, the students of Brighton University, want to express our solidarity with staff planning on taking strike action on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of December.

  • We believe that workers have the right and duty to fight for better working conditions.
  • We believe that university should be a place for education and for debate, not driven by profits or government agenda.
  • We support the UCU in their ‘Four Fights’ campaign, fighting for:
    • Fair pay: £2,500 pay uplift and £10 minimum per hour wage.
    • Job security: permanent contracts not hourly contracts.
    • Manageable workloads: 35 hours standard employment contract.
    • Equal pay: action to close the gender, race and disability pay gaps.
  • Any attempt by the university to break the strike will only reinforce our solidarity with those taking action.

We have chosen to remain anonymous because we believe that what we have to say matters more than who we are.

Solidarity with the strikers,
Some anonymous but committed students.

There will also be a picket line happening at 9am in front of all uni campuses from the 1st – 3rd of December, bring hot drinks and cakes to show your support! But please respect the protest by not crossing the picket line, and using alternative entrances into the university if you have to go inside.

[26 November 2021, recevied by email]

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