UCU members at 58 Universities will take strike action on Wednesday 1, Thursday 2 and Friday 3 December 2021.

This will run alongside Action Short of a Strike that begins on 1 December. The strike action will escalate in 2022 if employers do not meet our demands.

At the University of Brighton, our strike action is part of the Four Fights dispute, which will address the fact that:

Staff pay has fallen by 20% after twelve years of below inflation pay offers; one third of academic staff are on insecure contracts; the gender pay gap sits at 15% and the most recent Higher Education Statistics Agency figures reveal that, of 22,810 professors in the UK, under a third (27%) were women and only 155 (1%) were Black; staff are also experiencing a crisis of work-related stress with over half showing probable signs of depression. (UCU statement)

The National Union of Students support our industrial action. As NUS President Larissa Kennedy put it, “our struggles are intertwined”: a sentiment that students clearly share, with 73% of students surveyed saying they support strike action. The NUS President added:

The education system that has 1 in 3 students cutting back on food to make ends meet is the same education that leaves 75,000 postgrads who teach and other staff on casualised contracts”

More information about the strike action will be added here in the coming days. If you want to get in touch you can contact a UCU rep.



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