A resolute branch meeting on the 22nd December debated the next steps in our industrial dispute. The meeting heard from one of members affected and we reiterated our solidarity with our colleagues threatened with the inhumane prospect of redundancy in the middle of a pandemic when it is clear that it could be avoided. The meeting also heard about the support UCU has been shown by students in this dispute as well as the magnificent support from other branches, organizations and individuals including contributions to our hardship fund to ensure we can assist any member who needs it. We are continuing to encourage friends and supporters to contribute via donations to JustGiving page via the tab on this site or through direct donations. Members understand that this fight is not just about these individual redundancies but sending a clear message to management that we will resist any compulsory redundancies with all our collective might and the meeting voted overwhelmingly to continue the fight and call more strike days in the new year and to think creatively about the action we can take short of strike..

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