At Day 3 of our strike against job losses for IT staff at the University, John McDonnell MP reminded us that education:

“is a gift from one generation to another. It’s not a commodity, it’s a gift and it’s one that we bear responsibility to make sure it’s properly delivered.”

In that spirit, days 4 and 5 of strike action will include ‘Teach Outs’. Teach Outs (or Teach Ins, in occupations) have historically been used by students and staff during strikes, to reclaim the University for its real purpose: education. To that end, we will run Teach Outs on themes and issues that are of importance to our members.

Tuesday 15 December from 12:00-1:30 #TransLivesMatter.  Headline speaker: Laura Miles, trans activist and author of Transgender Resistance, Socialism and Trans Liberation (Bookmarks Publications, 2020) – sign up on Facebook here, or directly via Zoom here

Tuesday 15 December 2:00-3:00. Crisis and Struggle against Fascism in India: An Overview of the Farmers’ and Workers’ Struggles. Dr Chirashree Dasgupta is an Associate Professor at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India. Dr Dasgupta is an expert on the political economy of institutions. She will talk to us about the current struggle against fascism in India, with a focus on the struggles of famers and workers involved in this fight – sign up on Facebook here, or directly via Zoom here

Wednesday 16 December from 12:00-1:30. #BlackLivesMatter. Our Black Lives Matter teachout will hear from activists, staff, students and others. All welcome. Speakers:

  • Malia Bouattia, former National Union of Students President
  • Vy Rajapillai & Vedrana Velickovic, Decolonise the Curriculum UoB
  • AFLO the poet. Brighton BLM activist, spoken word artist and PhD student at Brighton

– sign up on Facebook here, or directly via Zoom here

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