A World First

On Monday we are pioneering an experiment in picketing.

In what we believe will be the first instance ever of digital secondary picketing, our real-world picket at Grand Parade from 8.30-10am will be Zoom-linked with the picket of Rolls Royce strikers in Barnoldswick, Lancashire. We will also be joined online by delegations bringing support from from other workplaces and trade unions.

We invite supporters to join us online via this link to ‘picket’ virtually with us. Don’t miss this world first! Register in advance: Dec 7, 2020 08:30 AM https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZ0rc–uqz4pGNfdbGfl8vJPlPKoiPh4tb4I After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

photograph of picket line with cartoon robot icons imposed over people's faces

Make the most of the Virtual Picket or Zoom Meeting

  1. Dress in your picket outfit.

    Person picket line clothing - the face is cut out of the picture

    Picket Line Outfit

  2. Set your pronouns in Zoom.


    • Click on on the Participants Button along the bottom of the Zoom window.
      Screenshot of a mouse cursor pointing to the 'Participants' button within Zoom
    • Click on the ‘More’ button on the right-hand side of your name. Then click on ‘Rename’.
      Screenshot of a mouse cursor pointing to the 'rename' option next to a participant name in Zoom
    • Write in your preferred pronouns in brackets and click on ‘Rename’ to confirm.
      Screenshot of typed in pronouns in the window and a cursor pointing to rename
  3. Set your picket background in Zoom.

    NB. This is only available in newer versions of Zoom for desktop computers (PC or Mac).

    • Brighton UCU members can click here to download a picket line background photo.
      decorative picket line background images - people with superimposed robot heads
    • Click on the arrow next to the video button along the bottom of the Zoom window. Click on the option to ‘Choose Virtual Background…’.
      Screenshot of a mouse cursor pointing to the option to Choose a Virtual Background in Zoom
    • In the options window, click on the + button on the right-hand side.
      Screenshit showing a cursor clicking the + on the right-hand side of the Zoom settings window
    • Browse for the image on your computer, select it and press ‘open’ in the file browser. Once the image is shown in Zoom. Click on it to make sure that it is selected.
      Screenshot of the background image selected in the Zoom settings
    • Close the settings window.
      Screenshot of a mouse cursor clicking on the close button on the top-left of the window
    • Click on the video button to ‘Start Video’.
      Screenshot of a mouse cursor clicking on the 'Start Video' button
    • Yay – now you are on the virtual picket line!
      Screenshot of a person on Zoom video with the newly added picket line background

Later on Strike Day 2

A Brighton UCU members meeting will take place by Zoom 11.30am-1pm. Come and hear the latest on the dispute and discuss how we can make action more effective. Members have received an invitation to this Zoom meeting by email.
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