UCU Brighton statement on Covid-19

Notwithstanding the absence of updating by the uni management, the seriousness of the Covid pandemic is obvious. Universities including Durham, Manchester Metropolitan, London School of Economics and IDS at Sussex, have all taken decisions to cease face to face activities.

It is unfortunate that Universities have been unwilling to resolve the current industrial dispute as this means that ongoing action short of a strike (ASOS) will make implementing any Covid related accommodation in working practices very difficult. This is in addition to the total erosion of goodwill that the University of Brighton has caused by failing to act to bring this dispute to an end.

As the recognised trade union representing teaching and teaching-related staff, we are keen to work with the University to make the best arrangements to support our students and staff. Any changes to education at University of Brighton must be informed by our expertise in teaching and learning. Significant changes to our working practices must of course be agreed by us, the local trade union.

The management of the University of Brighton must show leadership locally and nationally and bring this dispute to an end. We call on University of Brighton management to give their mandate to UCEA to offer a serious deal that is acceptable to UCU negotiators and thereby bring this dispute to an end.

We call on the University of Brighton management, to arrange a meeting with the Executive Board and all campus unions on Monday 16th March to discuss this university’s approach to keeping ourselves, our students and our local community safe.

Brighton UCU Co-ordinating Committee

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