We’ve heard from many UCU members at Brighton in the last few days. There are two prevailing feelings that everybody shares regarding the prospect of strike action beginning later this week. Firstly, people are worried. Let’s not pretend that striking is easy. It’s not – it means we lose money we can’t afford to lose and we worry about the direct impact on our students.  But this feeling is quickly replaced by a second, felt much more strongly: People are resolute.

The situation cannot go on any longer. If it’s this bad now, what do we expect will happen if we stop fighting? The state of HE is shameful, as workers we’re being burned out, as students we are being short changed. People sharing their #PrecarityStories has been pretty heartbreaking but has only served to remind us of why we must do all we can to reverse the rapidly diminishing standards in higher education.

If you’re worried about the impact on students, then you can rest assured: Brighton Students Union have made a statement in support of this round of strike action. Our students support us.  

Following the outcome of our recent survey, Brighton Students’ Union will be supporting the upcoming UCU industrial strike action which will take place for 14 days across 4 weeks in February and March 2020.

We owe it to ourselves and our students to stand up for what’s right. We will look back on this strike with pride, knowing that we stood shoulder to shoulder and took action.  We’re doing the right thing.

See you on the picket lines on Thursday.

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