poster for film screening

In celebration of Black History Month, this film screening is organised by UCU Brighton. The film has been chosen by members of UCU Brighton’s Black Members equalities group. The venue has kindly been provided by BMECP

6pm, Monday 28th October 2019
10a Fleet Street
Brighton, BN1 4ZE

“When Spike Lee first heard about Ron Stallworth—an African-American detective who infiltrated the Colorado Springs K.K.K. in the late 1970s—the filmmaker couldn’t fathom his story being true. “I thought they were doing a Dave Chappelle skit again!” Lee has said, referring to the comedian’s 2003 sketch about Clayton Bigsby, the “black white supremacist.” But Stallworth’s extraordinary 2014 memoir confirms that the most insane events in Lee’s BlacKkKlansman movie did, in fact, happen; in some cases, the truth was even more outlandish than what played out on-screen” (Julie Miller 2018: Vanity Fair,

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Further Info on Equalities

Black academics earn 12-13% less than white colleagues of the same gender and experience. In the current pay dispute, UCU are demanding a comprehensive plan to tackle this inequality, rather than yet more working groups and piecemeal action at a local level. You can fight against this and other equalities. Vote in the current ballot to add your voice to these demands.

Our previous post highlighted how inequalities in pay impact on groups who are already vulnerable –

UCU has four equality standing committees, including the Black Members’ standing committee – more info at To learn more about the work that UCU does for Black Members at a national level, you can visit To learn more about what your local branch is doing, come along to the film screening.  If you can’t make it, you could speak with your equalities officer – contact details available on this website.

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