Issues raised by UCU at March JNC

  • UCU requested a working group on the subject of Teaching Qualifcations with reference to the Strategic Plan.
  • UCU raised concerns over the Cockcroft refurbishment in particular the capacity and the proposal to locate 200 engineering students which they believed could be a health & safety risk.
  • UCU raised an issue with the Bullying and harassment policy related to academic freedom and the right to political debate and the Vice chancellor agreed UCU could submit a change to the wording of the policy which would be incorporated into the policy.
  • An update on whether the University was intending to reduce faculties was requested. The Deputy Vice-Chancellor confirmed there was no intention to reduce the number of faculties but it is about reducing duplication and streamlining ideas in the schools. The Vice-Chancellor confirmed that schools were fundamental blocks in the structure and if there were any changes then this would be supported by a consultation document.
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