Wind drawing 27/6/16

Wind drawing made in sight of Burgh Island, June 27th 2016.


Here I have introduced a ‘text ball’ to encounter the wind drawing process. The text balls present fragments of mono printed thought in the form of words that have been scratched into a surface and transferred. The paper is Onion Skin. It is semi translucent and moves easily in the wind. The wind drawing serves to work with the text ball, adding and subtracting to allow a complex network of lines to build upon the surface.  Black and white ink is used in the drawings and serve to both make apparent and to cover, or ‘erase’.

In the first moving image clip the shadow of the pen works in tandem with the drawing implement to reveal the point of contact with the paper, which in turn begins to make visible the space where the switch between Ingold’s ‘threads and traces’ happen. When the shadow and the tip of the pen come together contact is made and a trace occurs. I find this image exciting and want to develop this way of revealing and capturing this.

‘Two kinds of line did seem to stand out from the rest, and I called them threads and traces. Yet on closer inspection, threads and traces appeared not so much categorically different as transforms of one another. Threads have a way of turning into traces, and visa versa. Moreover, whenever threads turn into traces, surfaces are formed, and whenever traces turn into threads, they are dissolved.’ Ingold, T. (2007) Lines: A Brief History, Routledge

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