New development – instead of placing paper onto found readymade surfaces, such as wall’s, floors, table tops, etc I have begun a set of drawings in which I place the paper onto computational designed laser cut constructions. These seem to be a natural development – linking previous dot drawings with the recent breath drawings. The resulting drawings either need to be developed in tandem with as a separate set of work or conflated as part of the TtWL research project. They could fit the Perfectionism show that I will take part in early 2018. At the moment it is ok not to know, but both sets of work are dealing with touch and surface.IMG_6346 IMG_6347 IMG_6351 IMG_6360 IMG_6375 IMG_6365

One thought on “Perfectionism

  1. Duncan – these images provoke a physical response in me, especially the reverse sides – the images as a consequence of the activity. I really enjoy the raised and knotted surfaces, and the way that the paper puckers, pierces and creases.
    I have been thinking about the ‘image maker’ in me when I have been working on the last wind drawings and I wonder if it ties in with you working from the laser cut surfaces? I am conscious of image making as well as the other states of surrender and materiality that we have been talking about. I notice that whilst I surrender mark making to the wind – I am also quite purposefully attempting to erase and cover the text that I have planted on the page!

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