Philippa journal entry

Jane, research conversation, 16th March 2016

Grand Parade café


There is a strong relationship between the wind drawings that, with Duncan’s sun drawings, sparked the first coming together of the three of us as a research team, and the Mourning Stone project that Jane has been developing. The two practices are very close and sometimes hard to disentangle. Perhaps it is important or necessary that they are not disentangled. It may be rather that we need to think about how the Mourning Stone project feeds this project, and how we account for that.


We talked about the framing of practices and how important it was to note and understand framing concepts and processes. We were looking at the proof copy of the article we had contributed to Research News, and Jane remarked on how interested she had been in the photographs Duncan had included of his frottage drawing process in the Old Market. In this, Duncan had placed a formal (card?) frame on the wall to create a section to work within.


We talked about how, in Jane’s phrase, materials connect you to things and have qualities that enable collaboration: charcoal, ash, salt and soot have the quality of mobility…

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