I Piloted my First Gamified Workshop Last Week – Here’s How it Went

I’ve been planning this workshop, in one form or another, for more than a year now. Originally this workshop was planned to launch last September.

I’m glad it didn’t.

By having a pilot edition of this workshop, I have the chance to test my business idea in a safe environment where costs are minimal. Now I have the advantage of being able to improve it!

Therefore, today I share with you the results of my first gamified workshop.

Post Overview:

  • The workshop
  • Reviewing the workshop footage
  • The feedback forms
  • What I’m going to change next time
  • Closing thoughts

The workshop

The pilot workshop was hosted on Tuesday 18 at my current co-working space in Brighton. At a 25% attendance rate, the turnout was a little below average for a free meetup. 🤷

It went well, and a bit over schedule. The 2.5 estimated hours ended up lasting a little over 3.5. My time-keeping needs a little attention.

If someone could keep the time for me that would be just grand.

I was lucky to have had a work shadow that day and the day previous who helped me review my slides and did various odd jobs for me. She also took the photos of the workshop so shout out to Layla!

The result of the workshop that I’m particularly happy with is that everyone seemed to get something from it.

Feedback forms

Feedback! Gamification tends to be really good at feedback. For me getting the feedback from the workshop has been a lot of fun!

Feedback is soul-energy.

Useful bits to reflect on:

  1. Overall assessment: 3.75 stars out of 5
  2. What people found useful in the workshop: why I got into personal branding/ the in-workshop conversation/ the niching part of the workshop
  3. How the workshop could have been more effective: videos/ tweak the flow of slides/ use fewer slides
  4. Comments or suggestions for future workshop: pace the wine (LOL)/ fewer words on slides/practice

The feedback largely falls into three categories:




I think this is where gamification can be used to effectively to tackle most of these at once….

What I’m going to change next time

More gamification. A few of the tasks were gamified, like using counters as currency, having participants rank their niches… In reflection the workshop would have benefited from lots more gamification in terms of:

  • Time-restriction. Some tasks could have delivered a tighter and more succinct learning experience. Some concepts delivered vocally or over slides could have been translated into gamified exercises.
  • Practice: “If you’re not embarrassed by your first release of a project, you’ve released it too late.” The pilot edition was OKAY, and that’s perfectly fine. Testing the workshop in a safe environment is gamification itself, so now I have multiple chances to use gamification in my workshop improvement.

Closing thougts

Gamification can be applied very deeply within a single learning pillar. It can be applied to direct learning experiences (like the workshop) and my own learning experience of the learning experience… 👩🏼‍🎓

Organising events and being the host are two very different things. I talk more about this in my blog on the Gamification+ website: https://gamificationplus.uk/gamification-personal-branding-meetup/

A picture of me planning and booking my next one!

This workshop has been such an insight! I’ve got a valuable chunk of experience that’s directly related to what I plan to be doing in the future. I can now work on adding more gamification, changing the workshop flow and taking the next steps to making the workshop something I can sell.

Thanks so much to everyone who attended. 😀

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