The popular culture of pleasure piers and cultural regeneration through community heritage

Author: Olu Jenzen

Pierdom: Photographs of Britain’s piers by Simon Roberts

Exhibition in Brighton featuring several of Britain’s stunning piers and the every day life that goes on, on and around…

The musical lives of British seaside piers

by Matt Brennan Seaside towns have been important locations for British leisure culture from the Victorian era onward, and music…

How Clevedon Pier performs in Never Let Me Go

by Lavinia Brydon Never Let Me Go (Mark Romanek, 2010) is a haunting love story set in an alternative Britain,…

Teddy Boys (and Teddy Girls)

by Nick Nourse The Teddy Boy was the first and possibly the most striking feature of British post-war youth culture….

Clevedon pier roadshow

by Olu Jenzen On a typical British summer’s day the team pitched up Antiques roadshow style at the Clevedon Pier to…

About the project

The People’s Pier research project investigates community piers as an emerging form of community hubs. It focuses on two related…

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