Lying on the floor is an Invitation for the dog to play

We have just spent a giggling 5minutes with me lying on the floor whilst Ross drew around my silhouette as a pattern for the person mat. 

Unfortunately Pepper thought it was a game. Only a few rips in the pattern paper resulted. Now it’s folded in half up the centre line and the outline firmed up.

Pattern and dog

The pattern with dog

Hand outline in paper

Close up of the hand

I luckily have two large curtains that are now spare, so those will make perfect backings for the mats. If they work OK  I may not make the vinyl mat  cloth is easier to fold away and transport.

Off to buy the felt tomorrow from good old Fabricland. £3.95 a metre, very good value.

Update: after all that, I’ve decided the ‘person’ is too complicated, and have reverted to a plain mat that the children will add mites in different sizes that will represent different scores in the bean bag game.

Half the mites are stuffed – but not seamed up yet

My thumbs ache after stuffing the mites this afternoon. They can wait and be sewn up later on; stuffing them will allow the seams to ease a bit and take a better shape over time.  I used about 25% of the stuffing – and there are another 26-27 to go still that Stef is making. It will be lovely to see more fabric patterns – I am bored with mine already.

The more colours the better!

Stuffing and mite cut outs

Stuffing the mites – its amazing how much stuffing is needed.

I’ve checked out using a sewing machine to closeone of the pale pink ones in the picture, the other is hand closed. Machine stitching with a short stitch and narrow zig zag works fine.

pile of stuffed mites

All done and up to date


Cutting out scabies mites

mite patterns

Scabies mites patterns x 4

The patterns are in a series of sizes so that the finished mites can be arranged and stories told in ‘families’. Drawn up in Ilustrator, they have been saved as pdf files, and if printed as ‘ actual size’ setting, they can be used as patterns.


Cutting them out of ‘spare’ fabric and offcuts from my personal fabric stash saved on material costs, and is also a better sustainable option.

cutting out patterns



Workshop One, 28th March 2018

This workshop, held at Coldean Primary School introduced the children to scabies in an accessible manner.

A short visual presentation in the hall to all the children was followed by them drawing pictures of scabies mites, and anything else they remembered from the presentation. They were encouraged to make their drawings as colourful as possible, because these drawings will be transferred to fabric as digital prints from which they will make bean bags. I am planning to use to print the fabrics as our digital printer at University is in constant use at the moment printing lengths for the final year undergraduates.

children sitting down

Stef giving thechildren some information about scabies

close up of children listening

The children had lots of questions

They had the opportunity to try on the ‘experiential garment’ designed and made by Vikki that makes the wearer itch.


children in garment

Trying on the experiential garment

child with drawing

A lovely piece of work

children drawing

Creating the drawings was hard work, but fun

girl with drawing

It was great to see the drawings develop