My Students are requesting access to my videos, why?

If you recorded your videos into a place other than the module itself, students will not be able to view the video. Here’s what they see: So if you see an email from a student “Requesting Access” this is why.

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SharePoint in Teams: I can see a button in my Microsoft Team to open teams in SharePoint. Does this mean if I start a video call/meeting in the team attendees can then see documents in SharePoint?

Answer: No, the option to open the Team in SharePoint is specific SharePoint storage for that team only and is not linked to our main SharePoint services such as MyDepartment and School Sites. Essentially a version of SharePoint’s internal architecture

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Team Files: How can I use the Files area/s in my Microsoft Team? What should I be keeping there?

Answer: We have added a guidance page on Files to help clarify questions related to Microsoft Teams’ Files areas and how to effectively collaborate on files.

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Microsoft Teams Videos: How can I manage my meeting/lecture recordings?

Owner controld for a video recording

Answer: Videos created within Microsoft Teams are saved to a service called Microsoft Stream. You can access Microsoft Stream at the following web address, using your University of Brighton Office365 credentials: The following video explains video permissions in Microsoft

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Manage the Permissions for Microsoft Teams – Mac OS Mojave+

Screenshot of system preferences on a Mac

On Mac OS’s Mojave (10.14) and Catalina (10.15) you may find it necessary to set the preferences for Microsoft Teams, MediaStream and Panopto to make use of your cameral, microphone and to record your screen. These security settings have been

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