Contributions: Some students/participants contributed in an unhelpful way, how can I manage their contributions?

Answer: Please refer the ‘How to run a live lecture’ page on this site. You may also wish to refer to the student code of conduct, as part of the IT regulations.

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Engagement/Attendance: How can I check student engagement or attendance in Microsoft Teams?

teams screenshot with meeting options highlgithed

Answer: Please refer to Online Engagement page on this site for further information.

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Microsoft Teams Videos: How can I manage my meeting/lecture recordings?

Owner controld for a video recording

Answer: Videos created within Microsoft Teams are saved to a service called Microsoft Stream. You can access Microsoft Stream at the following web address, using your University of Brighton Office365 credentials: The following video explains video permissions in Microsoft

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Test call: How can students test their technology (webcam and microphone) in advance of a Microsoft Teams session?

Screenshot of the testcall function in Teams

Answer: Students/participants can type /testcall into the top search bar in Microsoft Teams to run a test call. This will allow them to test their microphone and webcam prior to a video call session.

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Avatar/Image/Photo: How can I add an image of myself to show as my avatar in Microsoft Teams?

Screenshot showing the change button

Answer: Login to staffmail by going to in a web browser. Go up to the top-right hand-side of the window and click on the grey head and shoulders icon. Click on the change button below the image. Click on

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External User: How can I add someone who does not have a University of Brighton login (external user) to my Microsoft Team area?

Screenshot showing how to the name edit field

Answer: Go to your Team Settings. Click on the members tab. Click on Add Member. Type in the email address for the person whom you are adding. Important double-check that you have typed in the email correctly as a small

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