Nearpod: Add a linked/embedded Nearpod to your module

The video [6.58mins] included below, covers the following: Setting up your first student-paced (self-paced) Nearpod presentation/activity Checking that the settings in your Nearpod account are correct to support student-paced sessions. Generating a link and embed code for your Nearpod presentation/activity

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How can I provide a link to a Microsoft Team?

Answer: The crucial thing to consider is, who is this link for? A: It is for New Team Members If you are inviting people to join a Team, you either give them the link, or the code, not both. The

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Web resource: How can I make a website/web-based resource easily accessible within my Microsoft Team?

Screenshot showing the website option for tabs

Answer: You can add a website or web resource to a tab using the following steps. Click on the + (plus) button along the top of the Channel where you would like the resource to be shown. Select the Website

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