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In February, Panopto released a new update to the Recorder Application. Unfortunately the first release “Version 9.0” had a few bugs.

The bug affected Panopto on Windows in two major ways…

  1. The first, is that the recorder-installer was not auto-connecting to the correct video server.
  2. The second, was that when using the recorder, to capture Powerpoint Slides with a voice-over, the Powerpoint slides were not captured, meaning a blank video with only audio being recorded. The SERIOUS issue with this, was that one did not know that the slides were not being recorded, until the video was processed, meaning HOURS of time was lost by our academic staff.

These problems, and a few others, were fixed with a new update for the Panopto Recorder for Windows. Version 9.0.2

To update your Panopto Recorder, go into a module with Panopto Video enabled. Click on Panopto Video to go to the Panopto Content area of the module (1) and then click on the Go to Panopto button in the upper right (2).

Screencapture of a module area with Panopto Video link and the expand button being highlighted

Once you’re in the Panopto Area, click on the “Download” button under your name in the top-right.

Screencapture of the download panopto video button under the users' name

Click the green Download button.

Screencapture of the green coloured download button

Double-click to launch the installer application

Screencapture of the downloaded exe file installer

Follow the onscreen-prompts to install the software.

Note: If you are prompted to enter a password to install this update, you MAY have to contact the Service Desk if the computer doesn’t allow you to run the installer.

Once it has been installed, you can check to see if you have the new version, by launching the Panopto Recorder, and clicking on the Settings Button, and looking in the very bottom right, to make sure you have the newest version.

Screencapture of the settings window in Panopto Recorder highlighting where the version of the software can be found.



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