Why won’t Youtube videos play inside my Panopto recording?

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Although the Panopto Editor-tool allows for the embedding and placing of external YouTube videos and also Web links into a Panopto video presentation, the external tools do not play in the Panopto video when it’s been placed into Study Materials in My Studies with the Mashup tool.

This is a known issue, and Panopto have been queried.

For now, our advice is to not embed Youtube videos or weblinks into Panopto videos, but rather to include these links below the panopto video in the Item.

Screencapture showing a Panopto video embedded in My Studies with Youtube video links below it.

1 – Panopto Video embedded into My Studies
2 – Youtube video links placed below Panopto Video

Ask your students to stop your lecture video, go to ‘youtube link 1’ and then to return once the student finishes the video. The same advice goes for weblinks… Asking the student to pause your video, go to the link and explore the website in question, and then to return to the panopto lecture recording.

If you feel that this method is not workable for your teaching, then you can certainly use the Panopto Editor tool to embed these Youtube and/or weblinks into your Panopto video. However you can not follow our standard advice for embedding Panopto videos directly into the Study Materials’ of your Module.

Rather, you would want to place a link in your Study Materials that will take students to the panopto video page itself.

First, go into your Panopto Video folder in the Module (1) and then find the video with the Youtube or Weblink content inside of it (2) and right-click with your mouse, and choose “Copy link address” of the video (3).

Screencapture of the Panopto video window, with a person copying the link of a video with a right-click

Once you’ve copied the video link’s address into the computer’s clipboard, go to your Study Materials area, and click on Build Content, and choose the Web Link option.

Screenshot of choosing Build content and weblink options in My Studies

In the Web Link tool page, put in the name of the link (1) Right-click and paste the URL of the Panopto video into the URL box (2) and then click on Submit (3).

Screenshot of the Weblink window with a link name, url being pasted, and a submit button at the bottom

Now you have the link pasted ‘in context’ into your Study Materials area.

Screencapture of the link being available in My Studies successfully

And when your students click on the link, they will be brought to the Panopto Video player, and any Youtube and embedded links will now work for your students.

Screenshot of the panopto player with an embedded YouTube video

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