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One of the great features within Microsoft Teams is the ability to use the collaborarive features it offers to run collaborastive acvtivities – either during a live synchronus lecture, or as an asynchornus activity over a week/month/semester.

There are lots of options here. Below are some examples

Collaborating on documents using Word/Powerpoint online

When you upload a word/powerpoint file to a team, it is instantly editable by anyone on the team, which opesn up some collaborative possibilities. An example would be:

You have a Team and want to divide students into groups where they can work collaboratively on a task. You use channels to provide a space for each group to work, and a template document was placed in each channel for the group to work on.
Group members sinmply go to their channel, go to the Files area for that channel and click the document. The file will open in Word online – meaning they can use most of the normal features of Microsoft Word, but within take advantage of working ‘online’ (the file automatically saves every few seconds, and students can simulatenously work on the document)
In this case we would suggest providing the students with some ‘rules’ about working on collaborative¬† docs, e.g.
  • Don’t delete other students work – use the comment feature to suggest changes
  • Agree a plan and decide roles so people are not duplicating.
  • Appoint a team member to be in charge of final tidying up before submission (if that is required).
Worth also noting team members can access a version history if anything goes wrong.
You could of course not provide a template document – students can create files in this way as well.
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