Staff guide: Distributing Pages to Students’ Individual Notebooks

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This video explains how to distribute notebook pages to Students’ Individual Notebook sections within your class notebook (when using a Teams Class with OneNote Class Notebook enabled). Typically these pages are resources such as worksheets or reflective frameworks, so we refer to them as worksheet pages in the video.

Bookmarks are included with this video which you can access by pressing on the arrow on the bottom-right of the embed shown below.


  • Distribute a worksheet page to all students [2:49]
  • Distribute a worksheet page to an individual student or select group of students [5:24]
  • Distribute a worksheet page to a defined group of students [7:47]
  • Cross-notebook distribution. For example, one team per seminar group, each team’s notebook needs the same set of worksheets. [9:42]
  • Explaining the ‘Distribute New Section’ option – not as exciting or as useful as it might seem. [10:22]

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