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I want to present my powerpoint in MS Teams to my students, but am unable to see my presenter’s notes. Is there a way to see these without printing them out on paper?

Yes, if you have a second monitor in your computer-setup.

If you DO NOT have a second monitor, see our FAQ About presenters notes using Teams software.

Teams allows one to choose which screen (desktop) you wish to share whist running a Teams meeting.

screenshot showing the two screen selection in MS Teams

The powerpoint presentation is on Screen #2 so I’ll choose that one to ‘share’

Once you’ve chosen the 2nd screen to present the slide show, your own 1st monitor (or laptop screen) will then show the next slide/notes screen and your students will only see the powerpoint slide itself.

Photograph showing a multi-screen workspace. The powerpoint is presenting on screen 2, the notes appear on screen 1 and there's an iPad showing what a student will see in the MS Team meeting

Powerpoint on teacher’s screen 2, note and next slide on screen 1, and an iPad showing what a student will see in the MS Teams meeting/presentation

We’re afraid that beyond a second screen, or old-fashioned printing out your presenter’s notes… There’s not really another way to do this.


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