Remove a webcam video recorded in error

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Remove a webcam video recorded in error
Scenario: You've recorded a Panopto video, but accidentally recorded your webcam and screen, whereas you actually only wanted to record your screen. &nbsp; Solution: you can remove the webcam recording by following the instructions below: &nbsp; <ol> <li>First you need to download the audio recording (as this is tied to the webcam recording).</li> <li>Open your Panopto video in the Editor</li> <li>Click on the Settings button (cog icon) in the top right corner of your video</li> <li>Click Outputs</li> <li>Scroll to the bottom of the page and click to download the 'Podcast'. This will download a mp4 file to your computer.</li> <li>Once complete, go back to the editing screen for your video</li> <li>On the far left side, click Streams. You'll see two streams listed (primary = webcam, and secondary = screen). Make a note of their names for later.</li> <li>Click Add Stream</li> <li>Use the large box on the right side to upload your downloaded audio file as a Primary Stream.</li> <li>You will now have two primary streams. The new audio stream will need to process (please wait)</li> <li>Once completed, click the 3 dots next to the primary stream you no longer need and click Delete (it should be the 'webcam' stream, but hopefully you made a note earlier!).</li> <li>Save changes by clicking the Apply button in the top right of the editor</li> </ol>

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