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We’ve had reports of videos in Panopto playing strangely with juddery footage and badly synced subtitles.  In all these reports, the use of the Panopto online video editor was rather extensive.

Panopto has returned with a known-error, that extensive editing creates issues with the final video product. They have said that they will be dealing with this problem in the upcoming scheduled December Panopto update.

Until that time, we do suggest that you limit your editing on a Panopto video to the suggested topping and tailing (removing the first and last bits of the video where the recording is started and ended) and also the occasional ‘mid-footage’ edit of a cough/sneeze or the like. But we do not suggest that one attempts any really exhaustive editing in the Panopto online-video editor.

If you wish to work with video in a more advanced manner than Panopto will allow, we suggest that you use your computer’s video editing software:

Windows 10 – Photo app with Video
screencapture of Windows video editor

Mac – iMovie
screencapture of iMovie on a Mac

Once you’ve edited your full video, you can then upload the video to your Panopto area on your module. Panopto Help with Uploading Media


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