‘Presenter notes’ from Powerpoint in Teams – without Second Monitor

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When one is teaching with Teams, and presenting a powerpoint (via sharing a screen/window/powerpoint) in Teams, it is possible to show the powerpoint presentation ‘full screen’ to your audience, whilst having your presenter notes on YOUR screen while you present.

To do this, while in your live teaching session in Teams, Share your screen and choose the WINDOW with your Powerpoint presentation. Do NOT choose the ‘Powerpoint’ version of sharing in Teams, use the Window version of sharing.

Screencapture of the screen-sharing options in Teams. Powerpoint with a strike-through and Window with a happy arrow pointing at it.

Start the slide show, so that it is ‘presenting’. Then, right-click on the presentation, and choose, “Show Presenter View” from the drop down.

Right-click menu with the choice 'presenter notes' midway down the menu

Your audience will only see the full-screen Powerpoint presentation, whilst you, the presenter, can see your presentation view on your screen, with your Notes (1) the Teams controller box (2) and the slide-advancer buttons (3).

Screencapture of the presenter view on Windows

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