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How can an external person pre-record a video so i can share with my students? E.g. a guest lecturer?


There are a couple of options here. In both cases a video file will be produced – this can be shared with university staff using some of the options at the bottom of this page.

University staff can then share the video file with students by uploading it into Panopto.


Option 1: Powerpoint

Powerpoint has a built in recording feature allowing a user to record audio over their powerpoint slides. The subsequent presentation can then be saved as a video file.

Powerpoint also has a screen recording feature, which is more useful if the presenter wishes to present content that isnt in a powerpoint (e.g. present a webpage, demonstrate an application etc). Once the screen recording is complete, the user can simply right click on the recording and click ‘Save Media as’ to save the video file

The advantages of this method are that many people are familiar with Powerpoint and will be presenting with this anyway. The disadvantage is that for many Powerpoint users, you cannot include your webcam video in the recording.


Option 2: Panopto Express


There is a free version of Panopto available online that allows anyone to record  their screen, microphone and webcam. Instructions on this are available from the Panopto express website.

Once complete, the user can download a copy of the file by clicking the download arrow.

screenshot of panopto express showing the download arrow icon

The advantages of this method are that you can include your webcam video in the recording .


Sharing the video file with University staff

External users may share their video file using any cloud storage provider they have – for example, Microsoft  Onedrive, Google Drive and Dropbox all allow users to share a file.

Another option is We Transfer – no login/sign up required – the user simply attaches the video file (2GB maximum size), enters the email address of the intended recipient, and We Transfer will email the recipient a link to download the file.


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