Polls and Quizzes with Microsoft Forms: How can use a pre-made poll or quiz within MS Teams?

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Polls or Quizzes created prior to a session can be helpful for a range of reasons such as: checking how students rate the session, during the session; testing knowledge at the beginning of the session as compared to the end of the session; adding interactivity to your lectures/seminars.

If you would like a template for a rating poll you can use this link to create a copy of the poll shown below.

screenshot of poll template

For an example of a Quiz see this template from our interactive tools session.

How to setup your poll/quiz in MS Forms

It is important to check the response settings in your form prior to distributing it. You can do this by clicking on the three dots on the top-right of the form and then selecting the ‘settings’ option.

Screenshot of the settings option

As an example, for polls and quizzes to gauge knowledge it is a good idea to set the poll to as anonymous and not to collect response information. However, the good news is that should you want to record names and limit the responses no addional login is required if students are already working in Microsoft Teams.

Screenshot showing anonymous answer settings

Screenshot: showing an example of recommended settings for an anonymous poll

Along the top of the channel that you are using you will see a series of tabs – the default tabs are ‘Posts’ and ‘Files’. Click on the + to add a new tab.

Screenshot showing how to add a new tab to a team

Select the Forms option from the apps list.

Screenshot of selecting the forms app

Select ‘Add Existing’. Select your form in the list which pulls from your personal forms list. You can choose to ‘collect responses’ or ‘display results’ from the drop-down menu. Optionally you can choose to post about the poll to the channel. When you are ready click save.

Screenshot showing selecting the form from the list

To copy a link to the tab for use during an MS Teams video call (paste into chat). Go to the tab for the Form and click on the three dots. There is an option called ‘copy link to tab’. If you you then paste the copied link into the MS Teams video call chat field, that will take students directly to the tab.

Screenshot showing how to copy link to tab

Tip:at the beginning of a Teams session it is always worth giving a tour of the Team and explaining what parts of the team you will use and when.

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