Polls and Quizzes with Microsoft Forms: How can I run a quick poll for students during a MS Teams session?

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Add a Quick Poll

Quick Polls can be helpful to quickly assess attendee sentiments on top, run an in class vote or ask students to choose a topic (choose-your-own adventure – helpful for revision sessions).

This post presumes you are using the new meeting experience – details on Microsofts webpages if you havent enabled this.

To add an impromptu poll during in a channel, click on the Forms button under the conversation field in the channel.

Screenshot of the poll button in the general channel

To add a poll into the chat during an MS Teams video call, you can access the same option under the three dots (minimised view of tools). As shown in the screenshot below.

Step 1 – Click on the three dots under the chat field and choose ‘Messaging Extension’.

Screenshot showing the selection of the poll option

Step 2 – Click on the ‘Forms’ option.

Screenshot showing the selecting the forms option from the list

Step 3 – Type in the fields to create your poll question. Click on ‘Next’ to continue.

Screemshot showing the poll form fields

Step 4 – You will be shown a preview of your Poll. In my case the poll is based on a question that I have pre-prepared in a slide, so the options are explained in my PowerPoint presentation that I share on screen. However, these polls can be used for completely impromptu questions during a session as well. Click ‘Send’ if you happy with the form, otherwise you can click on ‘Edit’ to go back.

Screenshot showing preview of poll question

Step 5 – The poll will be embedded in the chat and students will be able to respond. Just to clarify, as you can see below it notes that ‘results are visible to everyone; Names recorded’ – just to say it is not possible to change these settings, but please rest assured that students cannot see who said what. Students can however see the results as shown immediately below the poll and it is not possible to delay the release of that information so this may not work for all the different ways that you might want to use a poll.

Screenshot of the poll responses

Step 6 – Getting to your poll results.
Your poll results will be held in your personal forms account. This means that only the instructor who created the poll can access the detailed results unless they choose to share the detailed results link from within the ‘forms’ tool. You can access ‘forms’ in your list of Office365 tools (office.com) or by going to forms.microsoft.com and logging in with your usual office365 credentials (email address and password). Any Quick Polls have a little bar chart logo on them in your list as shown in the screenshot below.

Screenshot showing access to the poll in forms

Step 7 – Click on the form for the poll and then click on the responses tab.

Screenshot showing the responses tab

Step 8 – on the responses tab you can…

  1. Click on ‘view results’ to view each student’s answer.
  2. Use the three dots to: ‘delete all responses’
  3. Use the three dots to: save a PDF, ‘print summary’
  4. Use the three dots to: ‘create a summary link’ which can be shared with others, e.g. other instructors.
  5. ‘Open in Excel’ – get detailed data, including name, date, time and response.

Annotated screenshot showin the options on the results tab in MS Forms for a specific form

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