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We are not certain when this issue reared its head, however… In later updates of iOS including the latest (upon writing, 14.4) there is a new browser setting in all internet browsers on iOS… Safari, and 3rd party ones like Chrome and Firefox.

This setting blocks the sign-in feature of Panopto on iOS devices like iPad and iPhone.

If you log into your My Studies on an iPad (or iPhone) and all your Panopto video content looks like this:

Screencapture of a My Studies log in page in the place of a video embed in My Studies

You need to change the settings of your Browser to allow for Panopto videos to show in your module areas.

Go to Settings on your device:

Screenshot of an iPad screen with the settings button highlighted

Scroll down to Safari and click it (1). Notice the “Prevent Cross Site Tracking” toggle is set to ‘on’ (2)

Screenshot of the settings for Safari being highlighted

Turn this off.

Screenshot of toggle next to prevent cross site tracking set to off

For other browsers like Chrome or Firefox (1), one needs to do similar, however on these browsers, one needs to TURN ON the “Allow Cross-Website Tracking” toggle (2).

Screenshot of Chrome settings showing the toggle that must be turned ON rather than off

By allowing “Cross Site Tracking” you are allowing My Studies to authenticate your session in Panopto (signing you in, as it were) and allowing one to see all the Panopto content that you are meant to see.

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