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1st time in Module area – Configuring Panopto
The first time you begin using a new module area, you have to configure Panopto for the module. This guide will tell you how to do so.

Quickstart Guide for Recording lectures in Panopto
Our most basic how to document to get you started pre-recording lecture content in your module areas.

Video Guidance link
This is a link to the video that shows the exact same process as the above documentation.

Moving MS Teams video from Stream to Panopto in Module Area
Videos in MS Teams are locked down to only members of that Team. If you wish your video to be open to others, or to the whole module enrolment, it’s best to move the video from MS Stream (where Teams videos live) to Panopto in a module area. This guide tells you how.

Creating Video Assessment submission Points (Panopto) in My Studies
This is the guidance for creating a submission point in My Studies for video assignments by students.

Student How To Submit Video in Panopto
This is a how-to document meant for your students. Download this document, and place it in your modules where you will be expecting your students to submit video assignments for assessment.

Manually Adding Panopto to Module area (if it’s not there already)
School and course areas (and modules from 2019 and older) do not automatically have Panopto Video links in their side-menu. This guidance is how you manually add Panopto to those types of areas on My Studies.

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