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PLEASE NOTE: This is not accepted practice, as utilising a powerpoint video in this manner can cause more issues than it fixes. But if it’s absolutely needed, here are the instructions:

This wiki includes screenshots from a Windows Powerpoint 2016 version (as this is the most common at the University) if you are on a Mac, my colleague Rob Englebright has created Mac-version of this same workflow.  Mac Directions Link

First, you need to open your Powerpoint and actually create the narration.

Screenshot of the Record Powerpoint button

Once you’re finished. Save the powerpoint (so you don’t lose your work) and once saved, go to File in the menu

screencapture of the file button in the Powerpoint application.

In the files area, click on Export

Screencapture of the export button highlighted in the File window

In the Export window, choose the Create a Video button

screencapture of the file window in Powerpoint having clicked on Export and the create a video option is highlighted

In the Create a video window you can leave the default choices and click on the Create Video button

Screencapture of the save as video window with the button create video highlighted

A standard Windows save window will open, you’ll see that it’s saving as a MPEG-4 (Mp4) file. This is the correct type. Choose where you want the video file to go (on your desktop, or wherever) and click Save

Screencapture of the Save as window for the export of the video. The save as type is MPEG-4 Video and the save button is highlighted

Now go into the module area where you want to put your video And upload the video using our standard Panopto suggestions.

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