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Downloading a Video from Mediastream

Go to https://mediastreamadmin.brighton.ac.uk in your Firefox/Chrome browser of choice. Please note: This is not mediastream but mediastreamADMIN (important difference.)

Screencapture of the Mediastreamadmin URL in a browser window

Log-in using your normal alpha-numeric username and usual password

Screencapture of the mediastream admin login window

Click on the Contents button to be taken to your personal video-listing.

Screencapture showing the Content Button in the window

Find the video in your list that you wish to put into Panopto, and click on the “File Name” link (it will be a series of letters and numbers.)

Screencapture of the Mediastream Content page with an arrow pointing at the filename link

This will download to your computer (Usually your ‘download’ folder, but you may have changed this setting to your desktop, for example)

Screencapture of the file being downloaded in the browser to the computer

Uploading a Video to Panopto

Directions if you don’t yet know where in My Studies you want the video to go. Upload to Panopto My Folder

Go into My Studies and go to the specific module that you wish the recording to be placed, and go into the Study Materials area.

Screencapture of a module area with the Study Materials highlighted

Find the Content Folder, or area where the video should be placed for your students to easily find the recording.

Screencapture of a particular content folder in blackboard

Go to Build Content (1), and choose Item (2).

Screencapture of the Item choice in My Studies

In the Add Item window, Title the item with the name of the recording (1), and click on the Add Content button (2) to go find the video.

Screencapture of the Add Item window with the add content button being highlighted

Choose the Panopto Video option in the pop-up window.

Screencapture of the Panopto Video option

Click on the Upload Tab at the top of the window.

Screencapture of the Panopto Content window with the upload tab being highlighted

You can drag and drop the video file into the area with the dotted line, or you can click on the area, and go use the traditional file-browser to find your saved video on the desktop.

Screencapture of the upload window in Panopto

Choose the video from your downloads folder, or your desktop (wherever it is), and click Open.

Windows file browser with the open button highlighted.

Wait for the progress bar to complete (1). This can take a while, depending on the length of the video, and your own internet connection. DO NOT click on the insert video button (2) until the progress bar is complete.

Screencapture of the incomplete progress bar.

Once the video says it is processing (1) NOW you can click on the Insert Videos button (2).

Screencapture of the video successfully uploaded and processing.

The video will be embedded in the Item Contents area, click on Submit.

Screencapture of the embedded video in the content area, with the submit button highlighted.

Once the video is embedded and the processing of the video is finished, the content will be ready for your students to view.

Screencapture of the embedded video in the Study Materials area of My Studies

If you have any questions about technical matters, do feel free to contact the University of Brighton’s Service Desk, at 01273 644444 or ServiceDesk@brighton.ac.uk If you have course-related questions, contact your School Office.

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