I want a Panopto video I made show up in multiple modules

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There may be many reasons to have a video you have created in Panopto, available in multiple modules. Perhaps you made a video for this year’s module, and you have students’ retaking the module from last year, so the 2019 module also needs this video.

In order for any Panopto video to appear in a module area, both modules have to be provisioned with Panopto. (All 2020-21 modules have a Panopto link. Old modules do not. If you wish to share a 2020 video on a 2019 module, you will have to manually add Panopto and provision the old module. Guidance for that is here: Manually Adding Panopto to a module area)

Once both Modules are ‘Panopto Ready’

Screencapture of a 2019 and 2020 module both with Panopto

Go to the module where you’ve created your video, so that you can find it, and copy it over.

Screencapture of the Panopto Video link in the left side menu






Open the Panopto Video window into the full-Panopto page.

Screencapture of the icon in the upper right that opens the page into a full panopto page

Find the video you wish to copy into other modules, and tick the box to select the video.

Screencapture of a video in the list with the tickbox ticked





Once you’ve selected the video, new Option Buttons will appear at the top. We suggest one uses Copy rather that Move, so that both modules have permissions to view the video.

screencapture showing the copy and move buttons that appear after one has selected a video







Now, in the search box start to type the name of the module where you want the video to be copied to…

screencapture showing how one types the name of the module in order to easily find it









Once you’ve selected the module you wish to copy the video to, click on the Copy Button.

screenshot of the Giant green copy button




It will take some time, and it will ‘spin icon’ for a minute or two. Once it is done, it will say so, and you can close the window.

screencapture of the successfully copied video




Now, go to the other module, click on Panopto Video in the side menu and you should see your copied video in the list.

Screencapture of the other module with the video successfully copied

Now your video will be visible to both modules’ students. We recommend that you embed your video in context into your study materials area of your module, using the Panopto Video add content tool in My Studies.


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