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Many lecturers have struggled with teaching a lecture with Powerpoint and not being able to see the MS Teams Chat or Hands raised, etc… Because when you do run a Powerpoint slide show, it tends to run ‘full screen’ on your monitor.

There is a better way!

If I wish to present a powerpoint and ALSO keep track of my Teams chat and hands-raised, I can change a setting in Powerpoint to ‘play in window’ rather than go full screen.

Go into your powerpoint, and click on the “Slide Show” tab, and then choose theĀ  “Setup Slide Show” button

Screencapture of the "Setup Slide Show" button in the Slide Show tab of powerpoint.

Change the setting to be “Browsed by an individual” Click save.

Screencapture of the "Browsed by an individual (window)' radio-button choice in the setup slide show window.

Then ‘start slide show’ and the presentation will be in a window, rather than going full screen. Notice I can still see Teams behind it.

Screencapture of a started powerpoint, which is now showing in a window rather than full screen.

Now, go into your Teams area, and start a video meeting like normal. When it’s time to share the powerpoint with your students, click on Share a Screen.

Screencapture of the "Share Screen" button in a MS Teams video call.

Then find the “Window” choice that has your powerpoint inside of it, and share that.

Screencapture of the Window with the powerpoint presentation inside of it.

Now you can resize the windows on your desktop to fit both Teams and the powerpoint at the same time. The students will ONLY see you r powerpoint presentation, but you can still see Teams, and the chat/participants (hands raised) areas of Teams.

Screencapture of the Powerpoint in a re-sized window side by side to the MS Teams area with chat visible.

If you would like to see the ‘mac’ version of the first couple of screenshots, my colleague Rob Englebright has made the Mac version of this guide here: How to (Get stuff done).

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