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If for any reason you need to download a panopto video you can do so.

Our settings default to only creators (you or your colleagues on the module) have the ability to download a video. This is true unless you deliberately chose to change this yourself.


screencapture proving that downloads are by the videos owner only

Go into the video which you wish to download. (Again, it must be a video you have access to, your own, or a colleagues in the same module area)

screencapture of a video in a module video library


And click on the download button.

screencapture of the videoplayer in Panopto highlighting the download button on the top right of the video

This will start the mp4 (video file) download to your machine.

screencapture of the downloading video file in the browsers progress bar


Please note: that if you have a typical Panopto-style video (of yourself as well as a screen-capture of a powerpoint, or equivalent) the download will be a video of your Screen-capture with your face in the lower-right of the video. This resembles the video in an embedded Study Materials area. The file you download will not have a separate ‘talking head’ video from the ‘screencapture’ video, but rather be all one file.


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