How does voicemail work in MS Teams?

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If the recipient of the call does not answer, and it goes to voicemail, the following message will appear on screen:

A screenshot of the call screen in teams with the 'forwarding to voicemail' message shown on screen

An auto message will then play, explaining that ‘X’ is currently unavailable and to leave a message after the beep. A beep then sounds. So, the voicemail is only replicating a set of circumstances that could potentially happen with a phone answering service.

The voicemail settings can be configured if you go to ‘Settings’ from your Teams profile (your face or intials on the top-right of the teams software). The voicemail message can be re-recorded (ie. personalised), or the service turned off, among other options.

Screenshot of voicemail configuration screen Teams

If you would prefer not allow callers to leave a message you can select the option to ‘end the call without playing your greeting’, as shown in the screenshot below.

Screenshot showing the option not to allow voicemail recorded messages

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