How can I provide a link to a Microsoft Team?

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The crucial thing to consider is, who is this link for?

A: It is for New Team Members
If you are inviting people to join a Team, you either give them the link, or the code, not both. The Code option is better, because then students/staff can just add themselves. The link option means that anyone who wanted to join the meeting will have to request permission to join the team, so the Team owners will get an email each time someone wants to join, and approve this request.

Once someone has joined the Team, they can join any video call. They don’t need the code to join.

A: It is for Existing Team Members
A link can be a good way to get your existing members into your team quickly, especially as they may have a long list of Teams to look through. You can generate a link to your team by clicking on the three dots in the left-hand bar of your Team and then clicking on the ‘Get link to team’ option.

Screenshot showing how to generate a link to a team from the three dot options

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