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We sometimes forget that Panopto was (and is) technically a Lecture Capture system. So, many of the settings and ways that the tool work, are based on that first assumption.

If you walked into a classroom and recorded your lecture, you wouldn’t necessarily want to mess about with editing, or any of the nifty tools that Panopto allows for… You would just want to get on with teaching, and let the technology do its job.

Quick access to recorded content in Panopto is what it’s built for.

However, the way we’re using Panopto is different. Sometimes we don’t want the students to see our videos right away… We wish to do some editing, some work on captions, maybe add a quiz or other content.

If you do not want your students to see the video content until it is happily embedded in context in your Study Materials area (as per the regular guidance) you are more than welcome to ‘hide’ your Panopto Video link in the side navigation menu in My Studies.

Make sure you’re in edit mode in My Studies

Screenshot of Edit Mode in My Studies

Go over to the Panopto Video item and click on the menu-chevron next to the item.

Screencapture of the chevron menu button in My Studies

Choose Hide Link in the pop-down menu.

screencapture of the hide link in submenu

Notice that the ‘hidden’ icon is now visible next to the Panopto Video link in the menu

screencapture of the 'hidden' icon in My Studies

Now, students do not see the menu item at all. Any videos in your modules’ Panopto Video folder are not reachable by students, and are therefore ‘hidden’ (1). Know, however, that you can still link to the Panopto Video without embedding (2) or by using the mashup and embedding in context (3).

Screencapture of the hidden menu item, and working videos

This way if you create, or upload a video into your module area, students will truly not be able to see it, until you deliberately make it visible by linking to the video in your My Studies area.




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